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It’s been two years but here’s some news!…..

A ton of things happened since my last post! Here are three posts I wrote for my community since August 2016. They were all great events in my life and I thought I’d share that here with  you too.

A Merciful Pilgrimage

Come, Holy Spirit: Confirmation Retreat

Love Beyond Comfort: A Reflection on The Camino de Santiago and Engagement



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Thanks for the great month, May 2015. 

It was a hectic and busy month for me but I got through it and made awesome memories! Here are pics from some of my favorite events of the month: Community commitment, my cousin’s wedding, my cousin’s high school graduation and my best friends’ wedding with washing of the feet.

June, I’m ready for you. 


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May before June 

A full time job, startup, two weddings as a bridesmaid, Sunday school, youth ministry, making a women’s community commitment  and everything in between. This will be the craziest month yet! This weekend was a good start with friends and family but it’s about to go 100 mph!

I just need to get through this month before my birth month!!! 


The intimidating first week.

I started a new job this week. I’m at that stage where it’s information overload because I’m learning a new company culture and a new project simultaneously. It’s intimidating and motivating! This new company is large but seems to truly invest in its people so I’m encouraged to grow as a professional with them. I never thought I was good enough to apply, especially when I was in college, but they saw something in me that aligns with their mission!

I have great family, friends and former coworkers who supported me through the process. Thank you! Also,thanks be to God, even though 2015 has been crazy so far in various ways(another post if I can find the time), it was still your perfect timing.

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Abide in My Love

As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you; abide in my love. – John 15:9

This past weekend I was blessed with another opportunity to attend a partially silent retreat with wonderful women.  There I realized that although I may make decisions that don’t reflect my love for God, He will always love me much more than I could ever love Him back. Instead of ignoring that love or taking it for granted with the busyness of life, I needed to discern what I could be doing to fully live my life in the present and abide in that love.

The three main areas I felt God wanted me to examine in my life was prayer, community and vocation. I cannot brush aside my personal prayer time and ignore how beautiful Mass and Adoration is. Lord knows I’ve been struggling with just allowing him to work in my life and see me through the busyness.  If I can grow in my relationship with God in that way, relationships in my family, friends, community and youth ministry will become more fruitful.

Now, I have a greater trust than I previously had. I have a better understanding of what I should be doing in my life and what my life’s purpose is. I will let God reveal it to me day by day.

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New Year, Back Here

Hellooooooo, WordPress!

2015 will be better blog wise and hopefully life-wise. There is much to catch you up on and share. After scrolling through my reader quickly, I know I missed so much and I see awesome awesome pictures! Look out for some comment spam! 😉

Here’s one project I joined with my friend: DearPlaystation Blog
Nope, I do not play video games. I write movie reviews, or starting to at least! Crazy right? I think writing about movies and my appreciation of cinematography can help my writing style and voice on here. Check it out!


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[Acoustic Live Video] – Run River North – Monsters Calling Home

Jukebox Divvy

I just discovered this band existed less than an hour ago, thanks to a Pandora tweet saying to check them out if I liked Of Monsters and Men. I love indie folk -rock and then I noticed they were all Asian (all Korean- American, neat!) so I had to check them out. I listened to the studio version of Monster Calling Home on spotify and bam- loved them right away! I’m an instant fan and supporter!

Here’s a live version of the song which is about the struggles of immigrant parents.  Check out the interview here.
“They’re walking heavy to the beat of a broken drum,
digging for worth in a land under a foreign sun.
Their children call, bitter words of a strange tongue.
Hearts down, they’re walking heavy till the dying’s done.”

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